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Yadana Gas Field

The offshore Yadana gas field was discovered by MOGE in the Gulf of Mottama in 1982 and provides some of Myanmar’s energy needs as well as billions of US dollars in foreign currency revenue. French company Total is the operator of the project, which exports 600mmcfd to Thailand. About 200mmcfd are used to meet Myanmar’s domestic needs.

Gas exports from the project began in July 1998 and the gas sales agreement signed between Total and the government will run for 30 years, until 2028.

Yadana’s major shareholders are Total Myanmar Exploration and Production, Unocal (United States), PTTEP International Limited (Thailand) and MOGE.

Yetagun Gas Field

The Yetagun natural gas field was discovered when Appraisal Well 1 was drilled by US oil company Texaco at the M-12 offshore block in November, 1992. It is located in the increasingly lucrative Gulf of Mottama region and spans sections of the M-12, M-13 and M-14 blocks. 

Development of the project started in 1996-97 but Texaco elected to sell its entire interest and transferred operatorship to Premier Oil in 1997. Premier sold it entire share to Petronas, a Malaysian oil and gas company, in 2002. 

Gas extracted from the project starting flowing to Thailand in 2000 at about 200mmcfd. In August 2004 this figure doubled after four new wells went online. With the new wells, overall production climbed to 500mmcfd, with 400mmcfd exported to Thailand. Yetagun is operated by Petronas, with MOGE and Thailand’s PTTEP the other major shareholders including NIPPON.

Shwe Gas Fields

The A-1 natural gas field is located offshore of Rakhine State and the block measures 3885 square kilometres. 

A Production Sharing Contract (PSC) for the A-1 block was signed between Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE) and a consortium led by South Korean firm Daewoo in August, 2000. 

Daewoo discovered the first commercial natural gas deposits, at Shwe prospect, in January 2004. An additional gas discovery was later identified in at Shwe Phyu in 2005 and at the Ngwe prospect in 2006. 

The A-3 gas field is also located off Rakhine State. The size of the block is 6780 square kilometres. The A-3 block was awarded to Daewoo and it partners in 2004 and the company discovered commercial natural gas at the Mya-1 prospect in January 2006. 

Daewoo, as the operator of both the A-1 and A-3 blocks, has a 51 percent stake in the consortium, followed by India’s Oil and Natural Gas Corp with 17pc; Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise with 15pc; India’s GAIL with 8.5pc; and South Korea’s Korea Gas Corp with 8.5pc. In December 2008, Myanmar and China signed an agreement to sell natural gas from A-1 and A-3 blocks to China via pipeline. Construction work on the US$2.5 billion pipeline is now underway. 

The A-1 and A-3 fields are expected to, according to Ministry produce up to10 trillion cubic feet of gas over the next 30 years.

Zawtika Gas Fields

This newly-discovered field in the offshore M-9 block, in the Mottama Gulf, is located about 300 kilometres south of Yangon. The block was discovered by Thailand’s PTTEP when it conducted an aggressive drilling campaign in the block in 2007.

First gas export is expected in July-December 2013. Pipeline will be 220 kilometers long for offshore and 70 kilo for onshore link both the diameters of the pipes 30 inches.

Agreement between MOGE and PTTEP International Limited and PTT Public Campany Limited has been signed in June 2008.

Natural gas is expected to start flowing from the site soon. The M-9 block is expected to produce about 300mmcfd (million cubic feet of gas a day), with 80pc being exported to Thailand and the balance used domestically.

Myanmar and Thailand have made a verbal agreement to sell natural gas from M-9 to Thailand via pipeline. Survey work on the pipeline route was completed in mid-2008.

PTTEP has held a production-sharing contract with Myanmar since 2003 and has total control over the M9 block. Preliminary exploration in the M-9 block was performed by American oil company Arco about 10 years ago and the company’s initial tests showed traces of natural gas reserves.

PTTEP currently buys about 1000mmcfd from Myanmar’s Yadana and Yetagun gas fields via pipeline to Thailand. PTTEP has also acquired the exploration rights to four other offshore blocks located in the Gulf of Mottama: known as M-3, M-4, M-7, and M-11.

M-3 Gas Field

Aung Singkha 2 well in 2011 March found that 154 barrels of condensates & 25..8 million cubic feet of gas per day could be produced and will be used only for domestic exploration well consumption. 


Nyaungdon Gas Field

The Nyaungdon gas field is located in Nyaungdon township, about 55 kilometres (34 miles) northwest of Yangon, and the field is about 6km long and 2.5km wide. The gas field was discovered by MOGE in 1999 and is the largest onshore gas field discovered so far in Myanmar. The Nyaungdon field produces about 70pc of the country’s total onshore production and the majority – 87mmcfd and 660 barrels of oil a day (bpd) – comes from the Nyaungdon South Prospect. In 2005, production at Nyaungdon was nearly 105mmcfd.

The field’s natural gas reserves are 297 billion cubic feet (bcf) and 117bcf, or 39.70pc, had been produced to October, 2005, according to MOGE figures. Remaining recoverable reserves are about 104bcf. Total oil in state, in the form of condensate, is more than 5 million barrels and about 1.5 million had been produced to October 2005. The field has remaining recoverable reserves of 2.3 million barrels. 

Gas from the Nyaungdon fields feeds power plants in Yangon and factories in upper Myanmar.

Aphyauk Gas Field

The Aphyauk gas field is located between the towns of Taikkyi and Zalun in Yangon Region, about 80km north of Yangon. The gas field, which was discovered in 1991, is almost 17km in length and 5km wide and produced about 9mmcfd in 2005. Figures in 2009 show that the field’s total gas reserves are 483mmcfd and to October 2005 about 307mmcfd had already been produced.

Shwe Pyi Thar Oil and Gas Field

The Shwe Pyi Thar gas field is located at Myan Aung, in Ayeyarwady Region. The gas field was discovered in 1967 by MOGE and is 6.5km long and 2.5km wide. In 2005 it produced an average of 0.290mmcfd and 372bpd. Peak production was 977bpd in 1991. Remaining recoverable gas stands at about 30mmcfd – to October 2005, 91mmcfd had already been produced. Figures from previous years show that total oil-in-state is 10.9 million barrels and to October 2005 3.3 million barrels had already been produced.

Yenangyaung Oil Field

The Yenangyaung oil field located in Yenangyaung, Magway Region and is about 32km long and 3km wide. It was first drilled in 1887 and has total oil-in-place of 540 million barrels, with more than 251 million recoverable. Cumulative production to October 2005 was 229.37 million barrels.

Peak production was 16,000bpd in 1918 and average production in December 2005 was 1810bpd. An Improved Petroleum Recovery Contract was signed between MOGE and Goldwater in October 1996.

Myan Aung Oil Field

The Myan Aung oil field is located in Myan Aung, Ayeyarwady Region and was discovered in 1964. The field is 2.5kmwide and more than 8km long and currently produces 51bpd and 0.274mmcfd. The peak oil production from the field was 8908bpd in 1969. Total oil-in-state is 76.5 million barrels and 23.03 million had been produced to October 2005. Remaining recoverable oil stood at 680,000 barrels.

Kanni-Peppi Oil and Gas Field

The Kanni oil field is located in Minbu-Saku township in Magwe Region. The oil field was discovered in 1985 and is 5km long and 1.5km wide. In December 2005, production of oil and gas from the field was 1934bpd and 1.9mmcfd respectively. Peak oil production was in 1992, when 3535bpd were produced. The field’s total oil-in-state is 55.6 million barrels. To October 2005, 13.5 million barrels had been produced .

Htaukshabin Oil Field

Htaukshabin oil field is located in Minbu township, Magway Region. The oil field was discovered in 1978 and is 15km long and 1.5km wide. Production of oil from the field was 607bpd in December 2005 and peak production was 10,359bpd in 1986. Total oil-in-state is 157.3 million barrels and 21.8 million barrels had been produced to October 2005.

Chauk-Lanywar Oil Field

The Chauk-Lanywar oil field is located in Chauk township, Magway Region and is about 17km long and 1.5km wide. The oil field was discovered in 1901 and has total oil-in-place of more than 400 million barrels, with 169 million recoverable barrels.

Cumulative production was 149.3 million barrels to October 2005, when 19.8 million barrels, or less than 12pc of total recoverable oil, remained. Peak production was 12,805bpd in 1941 and average production was 541bpd in December 2005. 

An Improved Petroleum Recovery Contract was signed between MOGE and Goldwater in October 1996 to increase production at the field. The current operator of the field is Goldpetrol, a joint operating company created in 2003 by French company Geopetrol and Singapore-based Interra Resources.

Letpanto Oil Field

Letpanto oil field is located in Pauk, Magwe Region. The oil field was discovered in 1997 and is 28km long and 2.5km wide. According to MOGE figures, the oil field produced 668bpd in March 2006 and peak production was 1155 barrels in 1998. Total oil-in-state at Letpanto is 76.7 million barrels and 2.3 million barrels had been produced to December 2005. Recoverable oil at the Letpanto oil field was 20 million barrels.

Tangyitaung-Sabei Oil and Gas Field

The oil field is located in Pauk township, Magway Region, and is 25km long and 5km wide. The oil field was discovered in 2000 and production was 439bpd and 16.33mmcfd in December 2005. The peak production was 2057 bpd in 2004. Total oil-in-state is 137.8 million barrels and 1.6 million barrels had been produced to October 2005.

Mann Oil Field

The Mann oil field is located northwest of Magway, approximately 580 kilometres north of Yangon, and is about 16km long and 1.5km wide. The Mann field was discovered in 1970 and there are now 660 wells in the field, 234 of which are producing and the remaining shut-in.

Total oil-in-place is 433.013 million barrels and 114.032 million barrels had been produced to October 2005. Peak production at the Mann field was 24,711bpd in 1979 and average production in December 2005 was 2268bpd.

MPRL E&P, formerly known as Myanmar Petroleum Resources Ltd, is the current holder of a Performance Compensation Contract originally signed between Baker Hughes Singapore and MOGE.

Pyitaung Tan Oil Field

Pyitaung Tan oil field located in Shwe Taung township in Bago Region. The oil field was discovered in 1964 and is 50km long and 8km wide. Peak production at the field was 2435bpd in 1970 and in 2005 production averaged 201bpd. The field has total oil-in-state of 49.7 million barrels and 12.04 million barrels had been produced to October 2005. In 2001, an Improved Petroleum Recovery (IPR) contract was signed between MOGE and CNPC from China to boost production at Pyitaung Tan.

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