About ASC

Asia Steel Construction Co., Ltd (ASC) is a private company wholly owned and operated by Myanmar nationals.  It is established to meet the new demands for construction, engineering and project logistics services for Myanmar's developing infrastructures projects, the industrial sector and the Oil & Gas industry. Our clients vary from public to private sectors.

Our core business is providing one-stop solution for construction of factories and commercial buildings. We also provide a wide range of civil works, engineering and logistics services to offer integrated support services for our clients’ operations. In addition, we provide agency and business development services for various products and services of our strategic global partners.

ASC is founded by two US graduates who manage the company with efficiency and effectiveness they have experienced while working for successful companies in the US.  ASC has gained momentum in short time because of its highly capable personnel and effective management approach. 

Our Vision 

As Myanmar opens up its economy and experiences rapid growth, we discovered a unique opportunity for a different breed of companies to succeed in the construction, engineering, and logistic sectors.  Recently, Myanmar has attracted many foreign companies for various infrastructure projects.

Unfortunately, they find themselves in an environment where everything is limited; information, logistics, machinery, manpower, etc.  More importantly, they are unable to find a reliable local service provider that meets their most critical requirements to enhance their strengths.

Our vision is to differentiate our company by committing to the followings:


Listen and Understand. As clichéd as it sounds, most businessmen in Myanmar still fail at teamwork.  They tend to think that they listen to their clients while actually listening to hear only what matters to them.  They also consider that empathy for clients eventually leads to weak negotiations.

We believe that we should always listen to clients and try to understand them.  Realizing their challenges and expectations enables us to identify more effective solutions to outperform our competition.  It also highlights clients with mutual intent for long term successful relationship.  Our goal is to put in extra effort to understand client’s key concerns: 

Requirements (scope of work, schedule, budget, quality, safety, etc.)
Risk assessment & mitigation
Tailor-made solutions (cost effectiveness, alternative solutions) 

Continual Improvement.  Experience is important for success but for many big companies in Myanmar it has also become a resistance to change.  They find themselves relying on experiences of their personnel and conventional methods that are no longer relevant in these modern times.

We believe that experience is necessary but is not sufficient.  Our team consists of personnel with many diversified experiences that are yet open for continual improvement.  We are always seeking to adapt better technologies, techniques and management system.  We enhance the skills of our personnel with workshops, seminars and training courses.


Performance.  At the end of the day, what matters most is to get the job done successfully in time without jeopardizing quality and costs.

We believe that ultimately performance is the key to long term success.  Our management system includes 

QA/QC Procedures
HSE Training
Near Miss Reports & Corrective Action Plans

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